297 photos shot in one night, New Year’s eve 2013.  Following week were another 80. Minks, bed, furniture belong to my mother and grandmother. Shotgun belongs to model.

Theme of Think Mink involves beauty of fur; these are a hundred years old now, still wonderful.

Double barrel series addresses personal defense at home ion your own bed. Nudity is vulnerability.

EverHome series were shot at my art studio ; evicted from it after saving the home from demolition 20 years ago. The entire scenario  is about fraud; Banks; Foreclosures; Courts. Ten million have been made in these great United States while Banksters run wild bonusing themselves with uncaring abandon. My furs on the naked model represent my mother as we solicited a bank loan to save the Landmark property from demolition in a dying village community. Laid bare to Banksters we showed our assets; ability and earnestness to repay; we won their trust; and they destroyed us by not fulfilling their agreement; closing the loan but not funding it; destroying my family with debt for the next twenty years.

Nude model here is Lady Justice; laid bare; exposing herself; hoping to repair the wrongs to the proud Painted Lady Victorian  landmark home. Its majesty was laid bare too; destroyed damaged; ruined; waiting for me to fix it.

I can’t overstress the value of this particular model to this concept. I believe no one else would have made the effort; in four degree fahrenheit cold; kneeling naked on a dirty floor; depicting the beautiful woman,Lady Justice’ desire to do what’s right to repair and restore beauty and grandeur. She IS motivation; she is desire for a better world; motivation lost by love of dollars and Banker’s greed.

Three images make a tryptic. One standing at window, looking out, to attract help from a lender. Two, doing the work, in the dirt kneeling before the mess to repair; Three in bed with a gun; defending herself from attack.

EverHome is the current lender. They bought the profitable loan i repaid for twenty years; that had been breached by fraud in 1995. Two banks from them are gone now; disappeared. Folded as it appears they were laundering drug money for the CIA through Little rock Arkansas. We borrowed money from criminals without knowing. These images, shot by breaking into my own property I saved; are the sum of  twenty years of my life. I sued the bank; we will see what happens next.

I have to say to an collectors interested in these images; my model has had a horrible accident and could use help for medical costs. With that said; I will offer to lower price to induce a sale. Please see my work at and contact me. Your dollars for art can have meaning much more than just art. Thank you.


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